The SOULE Foundation is purposed in empowering the educational advancement of  LGBTQ Youth of Color.

The Soule Foundation is a program that has been designed to create an experience geared to support, develop and promote the educational advancement of LGBTQ Youth of Color. The SOULE Foundation started as an extension of SOULE, a multimedia organization dedicated to representing, connecting and empowering the Black LGBTQ community. As important as our youth are, The SOULE Foundation has recognized the imperative need to ensure their viability, mental sustainability and success.

The Mission of the SOULE Foundation is to empower the educational advancement of LGBTQ Youth of Color to become fully expressed individuals, by offering dynamic programming, mentoring their life goals and a supporting to educational goals through scholarship.

What we envision is chance for all LGBTQ Youth of color to have access to the support they need to develop empowered by choices and not driven by circumstances. We envision a LGBTQ community, where giving back to others is a norm. We affirm this vision because not all LGBTQ Youth are afforded the same access to education and a loving families to nurture them.