Become a Speaker

Become a Speaker

Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First and foremost we’d like to Thank you for being interested in volunteering for The Soule Foundation. We are continually striving to ensure the maximum success of our mission. Our most important asset is our youth and they come first.

The speaker series developed out of the realization that there exist a limited number of experiences where LGBTQ Youth of Color are exposed to what a LGBTQ adult of Color may look like, live like or thrive like. So we would like to change that narrative with a monthly series, MPowered Life. Each month we will have a guest speaker share their story, a trade, live lessons, etc..

For this particular project, we are looking for volunteers that identify as LGBTQ and POC.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the interest form below.
– Team SOULE Foundation

We are very glad that you are interested in volunteering for such a great cause. Please leave your contact information and you’ll be included on our Volunteers Newsletter, where we will update you on various needs the organization has and how you can support us.